Coco Baudelle

Introducing #ParisGeorgiaMuse Coco Baudelle. The law graduate, model, actress, and award-winning filmmaker is not one to be put in a box, or neatly defined. At just 5”2 Coco walks runways. She landed a beauty campaign from a tagged instagram post. At a time of personal crossroads, with her belongings in a bag, Baudelle reflected on what she most wanted to do. Filmmaking and acting came first - “it all changed from there”. Currently working on her first feature film, Coco explains “when I’m behind the camera, I feel completely free, like I can create a world that’s my own.”

“In May, we are starting filming on a project directed by Sayna Fardaraghi in London. I’m really excited and feeling so honoured that my first time as an executive producer is with her. In the spring of 2020 I went on a cinema deep dive that lasted for a few months, and that’s when I found Sayna. On Twitter, if I remember correctly. She had made this short film, ‘Waiting’, that Barry Jenkins had commented “DOPENESS” on. I watched it over and over again. The way Sayna makes films is transcendental, and I remember being inspired beyond measure by her. It’s a blessing to find a muse like that in a dark time. I love women who make films!”

Baudelle is a testament to staying true to oneself, cultivating your ever-evolving curiosity and on finding beauty, and purpose at the crossroads. She is a reminder to stay limitless, to keep moving forward, and shows that life’s path is not always linear. A true #ParisGeorgiaMuse.


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Gabriella Karefa-Johnson

Introducing #ParisGeorgiaMuse, the global Vogue contributing editor and first black woman to style a Vogue Cover — Gabriella Karefa-Johnson.

A visionary — Gabriella’s presence is commanding and her energy captivating. As an advocate for change and diverse representation, her refreshing perspective and joyful self expression is a breath of fresh air. Gabriella is re-writing the narrative of what defines high-fashion, while also paving the way for all those who challenge the status-quo.

Upon reflecting on a past Vogue cover, Karefa-Johnson said, “oh, how widely my Sierra Leonean grandfather, my grandmother, and all of my ancestors must be smiling. How chuffed they would be to see a symbol of our heritage celebrated in this way. How astounded they would be by a young, Black woman so graciously and confidently commanding the world stage as Amanda (Gorman) has — so beautiful and so powerful and so emblematic of a better future.”

The inimitable, unapologetic and genuine Gabriella Karefa-Johnson is a true embodiment of our definition of muse. A strong, warm and honest leader whose vision and voice we admire wholeheartedly.


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Jessica Willis

Introducing #ParisGeorgiaMuse, stylist and Style Director of The Cut at New York Magazine - Jessica Willis

Jessica's work is both emotive and transportive. A reminder that imagery has the power to connect us to different versions of ourselves.

Beyond her immense talent is a strong woman with a deep sense of humility. She instantly makes you feel comfortable in her presence - a testament to dream big and always be kind.

A true Paris Georgia Muse, we are in awe of all she does.


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