Fiona Godivier

Introducing #ParisGeorgiaMuse — French-Chilean Fiona Godivier. The award winning film director is discerning, considered and real. Motivated by sharing stories inspired by social and political issues, Fiona uses her voice to prompt her audience to think deeper about the world we live in.

Fiona’s films compete at Cannes, have won awards at The Toronto International Short Film Festival, as well as been a part of the official selection at LA, Raindance, Tokyo and Austin Film Festivals, among others. Her first short film ‘Deep Down’ was narrated by Scarlett Johansson. It is set in the depths of America and centred around a stripper and her destructive love story. ‘Across my Land’ was sparked after Fiona witnessed the ineffectiveness of built border walls while travelling in Europe. The film was released around the time of the last US election and explores themes of heartache, fear and family at the Mexican-American border. Fiona is currently working on her first feature film which just received finance from the French Cinema Guild CNC. The film is about social heritage, love and music - and one we can’t wait to watch.

On who she considers a muse, Fiona explained it’s not something that can be neatly defined. “There are many women whose work I admire. People like Lyn Ramsey, Andrea Arnold, Louise bourgeois, Sarah Davachi or Claire Denis... plus many more. All of them have had an influence on me in some way but I don’t really care to analyse it or try and understand where it comes from. It just is.”


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Coco Baudelle

Introducing #ParisGeorgiaMuse Coco Baudelle. The law graduate, model, actress, and award-winning filmmaker is not one to be put in a box, or neatly defined. At just 5”2 Coco walks runways. She landed a beauty campaign from a tagged instagram post. At a time of personal crossroads, with her belongings in a bag, Baudelle reflected on what she most wanted to do. Filmmaking and acting came first - “it all changed from there”. Currently working on her first feature film, Coco explains “when I’m behind the camera, I feel completely free, like I can create a world that’s my own.”

“In May, we are starting filming on a project directed by Sayna Fardaraghi in London. I’m really excited and feeling so honoured that my first time as an executive producer is with her. In the spring of 2020 I went on a cinema deep dive that lasted for a few months, and that’s when I found Sayna. On Twitter, if I remember correctly. She had made this short film, ‘Waiting’, that Barry Jenkins had commented “DOPENESS” on. I watched it over and over again. The way Sayna makes films is transcendental, and I remember being inspired beyond measure by her. It’s a blessing to find a muse like that in a dark time. I love women who make films!”

Baudelle is a testament to staying true to oneself, cultivating your ever-evolving curiosity and on finding beauty, and purpose at the crossroads. She is a reminder to stay limitless, to keep moving forward, and shows that life’s path is not always linear. A true #ParisGeorgiaMuse.


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Gabriella Karefa-Johnson

Introducing #ParisGeorgiaMuse, the global Vogue contributing editor and first black woman to style a Vogue Cover — Gabriella Karefa-Johnson.

A visionary — Gabriella’s presence is commanding and her energy captivating. As an advocate for change and diverse representation, her refreshing perspective and joyful self expression is a breath of fresh air. Gabriella is re-writing the narrative of what defines high-fashion, while also paving the way for all those who challenge the status-quo.

Upon reflecting on a past Vogue cover, Karefa-Johnson said, “oh, how widely my Sierra Leonean grandfather, my grandmother, and all of my ancestors must be smiling. How chuffed they would be to see a symbol of our heritage celebrated in this way. How astounded they would be by a young, Black woman so graciously and confidently commanding the world stage as Amanda (Gorman) has — so beautiful and so powerful and so emblematic of a better future.”

The inimitable, unapologetic and genuine Gabriella Karefa-Johnson is a true embodiment of our definition of muse. A strong, warm and honest leader whose vision and voice we admire wholeheartedly.


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Jessica Willis

Introducing #ParisGeorgiaMuse, stylist and Style Director of The Cut at New York Magazine - Jessica Willis

Jessica's work is both emotive and transportive. A reminder that imagery has the power to connect us to different versions of ourselves.

Beyond her immense talent is a strong woman with a deep sense of humility. She instantly makes you feel comfortable in her presence - a testament to dream big and always be kind.

A true Paris Georgia Muse, we are in awe of all she does.


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