Loyalty Programme Terms


1. These are the terms and conditions (Terms) for Paris Georgia’s loyalty programme (Loyalty Programme). These Terms were updated in July 2022.

2. By creating an account on the Paris Georgia website (Website), you are automatically enrolled in the Loyalty Programme. By creating an account, you are deemed to have read and accepted these Terms.


3. In order to collect Loyalty Points for a purchase, you must be logged-in to your account when the purchase is completed. Therefore, you should ensure that you are logged into your account when making all purchases from Paris Georgia.

4.Whenever you make any purchase from Paris Georgia through the Website, you will accumulate points (Loyalty Points) based on the amount spent. For every one (1) dollar/unit of your local currency you spend with Paris Georgia (such currencies being limited to New Zealand Dollars, Australian Dollars, US Dollars, Great British Pounds, and Euro), you will receive one (1) Loyalty Point.

5. Loyalty Points are earned on purchases charged to your account only.

6. Loyalty Points are not transferrable or giftable. Your Loyalty Points cannot be combined with anyone else’s points or sold, assigned or transferred.

7. Loyalty Points cannot be redeemed for cash, gift cards or any Paris Georgia products and services, except as expressly set out in these Terms.


8. Loyalty Points will be accumulated in your account in accordance with these Terms. If you have sufficient Loyalty Points accumulated in your account, you will receive the following benefits (Benefits) depending on your applicable loyalty level (Loyalty Level):

9. Benefits will at Paris Georgia’s option be:

  • applied at checkout;
  • emailed to you;
  • delivered to your current address as shown in Paris Georgia’s records; or
  • made available for collection at a location notified to you.

10. The number of Loyalty Points required to claim a Benefit is subject to change without notice. All Benefits are subject to availability.

Review of Loyalty Level

11. Paris Georgia will periodically review your Loyalty Points balance and recent purchases to determine whether you are eligible to remain at your then-current level in the Loyalty Programme.

12. Each review will occur 24 months after you most recently attained either Loyalty Level 2 or Loyalty Level 3, and each subsequent 12 months after that date.

13. Eligibility to remain at the then-current level will be determined by Paris Georgia applying the following criteria:

Deduction of Points, Suspension, and Disqualification

14. Paris Georgia reserves the right to remove any Loyalty Points from your account where:
Loyalty Points are recorded in error (including where points have been but there has been no corresponding purchase of qualifying goods); and/or Loyalty Points relate to a purchase that is cancelled or where a refund is given.

15. Paris Georgia may suspend your ability to claim a Benefit, without notice, if Paris Georgia considers on reasonable grounds that points may have been collected by you as a result of fraud.

16. Paris Georgia reserves the right to disqualify any person from further participation in the Loyalty Programme if, in Paris Georgia’s judgment, that person has violated any of the Terms. Suspension or disqualification may result in loss of accumulated Loyalty Points.


17. These Terms, including how Loyalty Points may be accumulated and/or redeemed, may be amended by Paris Georgia at any time without notice to you. By using the Website and/or participating in the Loyalty Programme, you agree to be bound by the then-current Terms. Current Terms can be viewed on the Website, so it is recommended that you check these periodically. Paris Georgia reserves the right to change these Terms without notice.

18. From time-to-time Paris Georgia may provide you with additional offers or promotions in connection with the Loyalty Programme (Promotions). These Terms shall apply to such Promotions in addition to any specific terms accompanying such Promotions. In the event of any inconsistency, the specific terms of the relevant Promotion shall apply.

19. The Loyalty Programme may be terminated at any time without notice to you. In the event the Loyalty Programme is terminated, Paris Georgia reserves the right to cancel all Points accrued by you.

20. Except for any liability that cannot be excluded by law, Paris Georgia (including its officers, employees and agents) exclude all liability (including negligence) for loss or damage, whether direct, indirect, special or consequential, arising in any way out of the Loyalty Programme or any membership, including where arising out of:

  • any technical difficulties, network failures, virus or equipment malfunction (whether or not under Paris Georgia’s control);
  • any loss, theft, unauthorised access or third-party interference with or of Loyalty Points or the Benefits (including any voucher);
  • any Points or Benefits that are not properly recorded against your account; and/or participation in, or termination of, the Loyalty Programme.