Sustainability & Responsibility | Designed in New Zealand

In every aspect of our design and production, we strive to apply principles of sustainability and transparency.

While we acknowledge that calling ourselves entirely sustainable would be at odds with the ‘newness’ demanded by modern fashion, we design our collections to last beyond a single season and where we can, employ materials and methods that are regenerative and gentle on the environment.

Paris Georgia is proudly designed in New Zealand, which drives our desire to support local industry and protect the beautiful country we’re so lucky to call home. Our production is divided between New Zealand and China made - each and every factory we work with has been carefully selected for their quality, skill and work environment. Once production is complete each item is checked by our QC team in New Zealand before dispatch.

We believe that it is crucial to be honest with our customers around how our collections are made, packaged and dispatched, not only to give a deeper understanding of who we are and where we fit into the wider landscape of fashion, but to encourage others to adopt a similar approach.

We’re not perfect, and while we know there are still a number of things that need to be addressed, remaining aware of the issues and doing what we can to make small but significant changes in how we operate is something we take on as a responsibility. We also invite you, our customers, to reach out by email with any suggestions you might have as to how we can do better — or with any questions about our values. This is an important journey, and we want to bring you with us as we continue to learn and evolve.

Paris Georgia Diversity

Paris Georgia condemns racism in all its forms and we are committed to supporting racial justice and realising change. Like many of you we are beginning to address our own bias, and we acknowledge the duty of our success and privilege. Through a small local business we have the power to combat racism and create a more inclusive fashion industry by challenging perceptions, providing opportunities, utilizing our platform, and investing in a wider range of talent — and we plan to do so.
We want to share with you the first steps we are taking to increase diversity and equality across our business. Going forward we will:

- Ensure there is equal representation of women of colour across our collaborations and partnerships

- Actively create opportunities for non-white creatives when we produce imagery and events

- Reflect on how we can improve, evolve and educate ourselves

- Continue to use our #ParisGeorgiaMuse series to platform powerful, intelligent, strong women who we admire

- Welcome feedback and discourse


Our clothes are designed in New Zealand. We have a workroom team and an inhouse pattern-maker who has been with us since the beginning and are lucky to have close relationships with a number of local markers. Our collections are made by our team of independent sewers and boutique factories in New Zealand and China. Each factory is carefully selected for their high quality skill set and working conditions.
Integrity in our construction and production is imperative to us, and it’s a privilege to be able to support the wealth of talent in New Zealand and overseas who focus on quality above all else.


Where possible our fabric is sourced through a local supplier, who secures high-end, luxurious fabrics and off-cuts that would otherwise end up in landfill.
Another portion is custom-made in Korea, Japan and China, where the cutting-edge technology produces some of the highest-quality textiles in the world. These fabrics are innovative, unique and designed to last a lifetime.
At the moment we are also exploring how we can increase our use of recycled textiles. As we continue to grow, our capability to be more flexible and inventive with fabrication will grow too, and our goal is to be able to fold sustainable fabrics into every piece we produce.

Packaging & Shipping

All of our wholesale orders and local online orders are packaged in compostable clear slips then placed into cardboard boxes wrapped with eco tape to avoid any plastic.
In our packaging as in our clothes, we are always researching new, innovative, environmentally-friendly alternatives to replace outdated processes and materials.
We ship all international orders with DHL GOGREEN SOLUTIONS.
How does this work? We pay a little extra when sending all international orders to offset the carbon footprint through the DHL go Green Climate Neutral shipping service.
DHL then puts these carbon credits towards projects, funds, organizations that are dedicated to mitigating the impact of greenhouse gases for example - Wind Power, Reforestation, Biomass Power, and Eradicating landfills.


Our underlying ethos has always been to create pieces that last beyond a single season. Pieces that are inherently timeless. Since launching Paris Georgia we have come to adopt a ‘less is more’ approach, choosing to design each collection carefully and sparingly, rather than in a trend-driven way.

Our aim, moving forward, is to continue to refine our collections so that we mitigate the wasteful practices often associated with fashion — and hopefully, encourage our customers to move their buying habits in a similar direction.