Paris Georgia Muse
Anousha Payne

Introducing Paris Georgia Muse Artist Anousha Payne captured in her East London studio.

"It’s so hard to choose just one muse, but maybe I can choose my muse of this month - Amparo Dávila. I was recently recommended her short stories ‘The Houseguest’ by a friend and haven’t read anything quite like it before - her ability to capture the fear of the unknown, to depict haunting creatures without giving away entirely what form they take is so moving and disturbing; they stay with you for days. I read the series of stories after recently finishing an exhibition in response to my own short story, about love affair between a human and imagined/impossible creature, where I tried to visually produce the creature.. What I love the most is that Davila often gives no visual clues as to what form the haunting creature may take, so you are left picturing something anywhere between a pet, a psychological ghost and human."

Introducing Paris-based stylist Karo Rose, a #ParisGeorgiaMuse.

Asked of her own muse, Karo shares her reverence for feminine energy in all its forms:

“I do have so many, but to be fair, All women around me are my muses. I admire all their differences, all their layers and characteristics. They show me patience and acceptance, love, inner and outer beauty, strengths, weaknesses. I believe that we attract the people we should attract in this exact moment of our lives, who will make us admire something new always. Though if I could choose with whom to have a coffee date, Chloë Sevigny. I mean, all is admirable about her. Just her being her.”

Karo’s instinct for the unique, and appreciation of the multiplicity of feminine nature make her a true #ParisGeorgiaMuse.

Paris Georgia Muse
Manahou & Rob

Introducing #ParisGeorgiaMuses Manahou Mackay and Rob Tennent. Two of our very dear friends, who we are in awe of. As individuals, as collaborators, and as close friends with an undeniable synergy.

Named Te Manahou Ahiataewa Mackay in full, Te Manahou translates from Māori as “the new power”. No name could be more fitting for this beautiful soul. A model and creative, Manahou possesses preternatural grace, and a beauty that is not only seen, but felt.

Art and philosophy inform her singular perspective on life. For Manahou, her practice of creative adornment is an exercise in energetics. Her beauty routine is a spiritual practice.

Manahou’s effervescent presence invites intimacy. She asks of your hopes and dreams. She listens deeply. A rare human who speaks her mind, Manahou’s words are woven with those of great poets, thinkers and philosophers.

Reflecting on the muse from which she draws most influence, Manahou confides, “The biggest muse in my life is the infinite eternal, because she never fails to ground me and fill me with inspiration.” Her radiant presence embodies this relationship to the divine feminine, inseparable from her connection to Self.

The yang to Manahou’s yin, Rob Tennent is a self-taught film photographer, model and creative director.

Rob’s work is situated predominantly in the realms of fashion and queer storytelling. His two published photo books are titled as whispered intimacies, Come Back to Bed, and I’m Going to Miss You. Documenting male intimacy at its purest, Rob alchemises trauma into healing, connection and tenderness.

His film photographs are equally powerful and gentle. Whilst touching in quality, Rob consciously plays with, and subverts prescribed notions of masculinity. Sensitively lensed, his work evokes the poignancy and nostalgia of fleeting moments of male connection. Between lovers, and between friends.

Rob’s personal photography practice turns its camera mostly to men. Yet, when we asked of his muse, he shares the maternal influences that shaped him:

“My mother is a forever muse of mine. She is one of 8 daughters that my grandmother had and they are all strong, tenacious, sassy and confident women. I was raised around my grandma & aunties and to be surrounded by that much love and laughter has been a gift I will cherish.”

Endless sources of inspiration and creativity. Manahou and Rob are testament to the power of friendship and community.

Two eternal #ParisGeorgiaMuses.

Paris Georgia Muse
Dree Hemingway

Introducing #ParisGeorgiaMuse Dree Hemingway. Actress and friend. Photographed in her LA home by Chloe Horseman.
Starting her career as a model, Dree made a natural shift towards acting her true calling. Featuring in many indie films, including the award winning indie hit - Starlet. A movie of small, humane gestures set within a world of extreme displays and physicality. A moving love story.
A radiant beauty with an unassuming nature. Dree is one to uplift and support the women who surround her. A Paris Georgia Muse.

Paris Georgia Muse
Roxie Mohebbi

Introducing #ParisGeorgiaMuse Roxie Mohebbi. Roxie moves forward with intention - her purpose and work are anchored with her deeply rooted values and the generational sacrifice that came before her. Born in Tehran, Iran, Roxie moved to New Zealand at five years old through a refugee programme. On her journey she explains, “how it has been my greatest barrier yet my greatest pillar at the same time. An unexplainable, beautiful, terrifying, purposeful, complicated driving force in my life. Something that I wish I could be different yet would never change."

Initially a practicing ICU nurse, Roxie now works as an Actor. A gentle nod to her younger self, Roxie uses her craft to rewrite standards and aims to make space for those who would not otherwise see themselves represented. Off the screen, Roxie is a leader and an advocate, and uses her platform to amplify voices and messages that may otherwise remain under the surface. Articulate, resilient, and powerful. Roxie is a #ParisGeorgiaMuse for her ability to harness hardship and use it as a source of strength. She has continued to stay impervious to the challenges presented to her and has an innate strength we are enamoured by.

When we asked Roxie who her muse was, she explained “to put it simply, the women of Iran. Especially my Maman, who taught me how to be a rebel. Women. Life. Freedom”

"If I stand up and if you stand up, we will all stand up. If I sit down and if you sit down, who would stand up?" - Hamid Mossadegh

Introducing #ParisGeorgiaMuse—Alva Claire. Alva exudes radiance, strength, and her beauty is breathtaking.

The London born, Jamaican model’s success did not come overnight. After ten years of perseverance, Alva had her Runway debut at the 2019 Savage x Fenty Show, and walked for Versace shortly after - one of only three curve models at the time to do so.

Alva explains ‘Seeing yourself represented in spaces that you are not, whether that’s in fashion, film, or politics, does a lot for a person’s self-esteem and a sense of belonging. Achieving that for myself, and for other people that follow what I’m doing was such a milestone win for me.”

Alva is a testament to the power of knowing your worth, resilience and consistency. We are in awe of Alva and what she stands for. A reminder to be the change. #ParisGeorgiaMuse.

Captured by @thistlebrown

Paris Georgia Muse
Lauren Michelle Pires

Introducing #ParisGeorgiaMuse Lauren Michelle Pires. The way the London based manicurist found her calling was fortuitous. Needing a creative outlet while studying, she created nail art for friends, which quickly grew to editorials and campaigns. She is now an industry leader in her field and works alongside the world's top creatives.

When we asked Lauren who her muse is, she said “One of my best friends and fab art director, Carla Valdivia. I met her when I was 19 studying at CSM. She was an international student (half Japanese, born in Mexico, raised in New York) - and although I thought the eyeballs she had painted on her nails were questionable, I thought she was the coolest girl I'd ever met. Still is. Carla taught me a lot about life and love and self-worth; and our years growing up together as girls really shaped the women we are today. And I am forever proud to call her one of my best friends. Carla no longer lives in London, but when we recently saw each other for the first time in a long 7 years - it was like nothing had changed. That's a special kind of friendship that I hold close to my heart.

Lauren is a #ParisGeorgiaMuse for the way she has risen to the top and taken ownership of her niche, while redefining the nail art industry. We admire her ability to pivot when the prescribed path changes and shows us that beauty may be found when you acknowledge opportunities as they come.

We are drawn to Bria Jones for her strength and elegant disposition. First working as a busboy at a restaurant at 12 in Minnesota, Bria now works in the Marketing team in Copenhagen for Tekla by day, as well as modeling and consulting. It was moving abroad early in her twenties which is what really shaped her. “Navigating and building a life in a foreign place with no support system can be a very lonely and raw experience, but it’s also made me more independent than I can ever imagine. It has taught me the importance of having an open heart and open mind, you quickly learn the value of real connections (distance destroys some relationships, while some grow stronger, all the while new one's blossom), the art of allocating energy when balancing multiple worlds. It's an empowering thing to not only survive but start from nothing and thrive in a foreign world.”

When we asked Bria who her muse was, Bria paid credit to poet Billy Chapata, her friends, but landed close to home. “My mother who for me is
the embodiment of strength, and the only constant in my continually evolving world. She has faced more obstacles in her lifetime than I will ever know and never allowed the waves of life to drown her. I really admire her resilience and the ability to find
love and light within herself even when facing darkness. It's something I wasn't quite aware of until adulthood, but I think growing up with that sort of strength as my primary caregiver has taught me in more ways than one how to persevere, instilled an ability
to face adversity with grace and love yourself throughout it all.

Bria is a #ParisGeorgiaMuse for her the way she finds her strength in vulnerability, and how she welcomes the raw and real times with elegance. She shows us how reframing your perspective can be the mental shift we need and that if we believe in ourselves, we can always continue to move forward.

ParisGeorgia Muse - Omaima Salem. A leading stylist in the fashion industry and most recently Style Director at the acclaimed MARFA Journal. Omaima is an embodiment of the values she carries across all facets of her life. Her creative work plays with themes of escapism and playfulness, but integrity and honesty form the foundation. When in doubt, Omaima often turns her gaze inward and listens to her dreams to guide her. In her professional life, she aims to work with those whose values align and values authenticity over pretentiousness.

When we asked Salem who her muse is, she explained “I am inspired by women of all kinds and eras who were strong enough to impose their point of view. Edna Saint Vincent Millay, Catherine the Great, Greta Thurnberg, Susane Sarandon, Agnes Martin, Angela Davis, Simone Weil are a few of them. In life at the moment my muses are a couple of hard working friends of mine who all share a certain audacity in their creativity. I’m very much inspired by hard working people who do things for themselves and not necessarily for the liking of others. There was this man in the news once who dug kilometres of tunnels under his house in London, just for the sake of it. I find him very inspiring … “

Omaima is a #ParisGeorgiaMuse for her authenticity. She is a reminder to stay true to yourself, to listen to your intuition, and that the answers may not always be where you first look.

Paris Georgia Muse
Aziza Shadenova

Introducing #ParisGeorgiaMuse — Aziza Shadenova. The multidisciplinary artist weaves her culture with her craft to create art reflective of her individual story and Central-Asian heritage. Aziza masterfully distills these layered themes into pieces of beauty in a way that is original, pure, and true to her. “My work often focuses on the untangling of my ethnic roots, observations and engagements with the past and present, and an investigation of how it may reflect on the future.”

On who she considers a muse, Aziza mentioned “Louise Nevelson, Kira Muratova, Megumi Satsu, and Maya Deren. I chose these phenomenal women because their works inspire me daily. Each so different visually but yet similar in their bold approach, pioneering and independent spirit. Distinctive and very passionate in their commitments. That’s what it takes to be my muse.”

Aziza is a #ParisGeorgiaMuse not only for what she has achieved, but for the voice and perspective she brings to the table. Aziza shows us the power of independence and the value of your own unique voice.

Introducing #ParisGeorgiaMuse - London-based Model and Journalist Jess Cole. In both lines of work, Jess has the ability to step into a role and provide a much needed pause. Her writing, whether poetry or prose, is weighted with intelligence, insight, and always respect for the topic on hand. Topics vary across activism, societal change, the housing crisis, and beauty. In her chosen topic, her words prompt you to question wider societal constructs and to think deeper. Once comparing the difference between fact and truth Jess explained “facts are like - I went to school and did this. But truth is texturised by feelings and perceptions, which are often unquantifiable or simply too fluid to be contained by the limits of language.”

Jess’s work can be found across publications such as i-D, VOGUE, The Guardian, and MARFA Journal. Jess once wrote a piece for British VOGUE ‘When The Shoe Never Fits’ - an account on the sociocultural pressure placed on women for the size of their feet and the personal struggles she faced. Her NYT piece on Hawaiian skincare, was not without proper commentary on the indigenous wisdom and ingredients that make the products.

When we asked Jess who her muse was, she explained “I'm inspired by older women who get it and remind me that I'm still getting it. One of those women, Lisa Anderson, hired me to work in her cafe Andersons when I was still a bit of country bumpkin, new and lost in London. Lisa, set up the Brit Awards and then had this great cafe in Peckham, where she not only introduced me to artichokes and how to make a mean negroni, but instilled me with a sense of rugged determination and independence.”

Jess is a #ParisGeorgiaMuse for her profound wisdom, depth, and her ability to articulate. In an age of information overload, we value creators such as Jess and the way she shines light and brings truth to what we consume.

Introducing #ParisGeorgiaMuse London-based Central Saint Martins graduate Clem MacLeod. Clem's publication 'Worms' embodies the beauty of staying curious and is a result of this ever-evolving process. An avid reader and writer, Clem was initially sparked by the desire to make literature light and accessible. Issues seeks to champion the female and non-binary voices that are too often neglected in mainstream literature. Themes are based on an idiosyncratic topic of her choice, and one she often seeks to know more about.

When we asked Clem who her muse was, she explained “My muse would have to be Chris Kraus. Maybe it's cliche because I'm a writer and publisher of a literary magazine, but it's her books that really got me into the whole thing, and her involvement with Semiotext(e) journal which inspired Worms. She's so comfortable in herself, which I think is the coolest thing someone can be. She's big on self-debasement. I'm very into that. I'm re-reading her book 'Summer of Hate' at the moment while on holiday with my family. Ha!”

Clem is a #ParisGeorgiaMuse for her ability to create a community, to break down barriers, and for her refreshing perspective. Clem is a reminder to always stay inquisitive and that learning is constant.

Fiona Godivier

Introducing #ParisGeorgiaMuse — French-Chilean Fiona Godivier. The award winning film director is discerning, considered and real. Motivated by sharing stories inspired by social and political issues, Fiona uses her voice to prompt her audience to think deeper about the world we live in.

Fiona’s films compete at Cannes, have won awards at The Toronto International Short Film Festival, as well as been a part of the official selection at LA, Raindance, Tokyo and Austin Film Festivals, among others. Her first short film ‘Deep Down’ was narrated by Scarlett Johansson. It is set in the depths of America and centred around a stripper and her destructive love story. ‘Across my Land’ was sparked after Fiona witnessed the ineffectiveness of built border walls while travelling in Europe. The film was released around the time of the last US election and explores themes of heartache, fear and family at the Mexican-American border. Fiona is currently working on her first feature film which just received finance from the French Cinema Guild CNC. The film is about social heritage, love and music - and one we can’t wait to watch.

On who she considers a muse, Fiona explained it’s not something that can be neatly defined. “There are many women whose work I admire. People like Lyn Ramsey, Andrea Arnold, Louise bourgeois, Sarah Davachi or Claire Denis... plus many more. All of them have had an influence on me in some way but I don’t really care to analyse it or try and understand where it comes from. It just is.”


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Coco Baudelle

Introducing #ParisGeorgiaMuse Coco Baudelle. The law graduate, model, actress, and award-winning filmmaker is not one to be put in a box, or neatly defined. At just 5”2 Coco walks runways. She landed a beauty campaign from a tagged instagram post. At a time of personal crossroads, with her belongings in a bag, Baudelle reflected on what she most wanted to do. Filmmaking and acting came first - “it all changed from there”. Currently working on her first feature film, Coco explains “when I’m behind the camera, I feel completely free, like I can create a world that’s my own.”

“In May, we are starting filming on a project directed by Sayna Fardaraghi in London. I’m really excited and feeling so honoured that my first time as an executive producer is with her. In the spring of 2020 I went on a cinema deep dive that lasted for a few months, and that’s when I found Sayna. On Twitter, if I remember correctly. She had made this short film, ‘Waiting’, that Barry Jenkins had commented “DOPENESS” on. I watched it over and over again. The way Sayna makes films is transcendental, and I remember being inspired beyond measure by her. It’s a blessing to find a muse like that in a dark time. I love women who make films!”

Baudelle is a testament to staying true to oneself, cultivating your ever-evolving curiosity and on finding beauty, and purpose at the crossroads. She is a reminder to stay limitless, to keep moving forward, and shows that life’s path is not always linear. A true #ParisGeorgiaMuse.


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Gabriella Karefa-Johnson

Introducing #ParisGeorgiaMuse, the global Vogue contributing editor and first black woman to style a Vogue Cover — Gabriella Karefa-Johnson.

A visionary — Gabriella’s presence is commanding and her energy captivating. As an advocate for change and diverse representation, her refreshing perspective and joyful self expression is a breath of fresh air. Gabriella is re-writing the narrative of what defines high-fashion, while also paving the way for all those who challenge the status-quo.

Upon reflecting on a past Vogue cover, Karefa-Johnson said, “oh, how widely my Sierra Leonean grandfather, my grandmother, and all of my ancestors must be smiling. How chuffed they would be to see a symbol of our heritage celebrated in this way. How astounded they would be by a young, Black woman so graciously and confidently commanding the world stage as Amanda (Gorman) has — so beautiful and so powerful and so emblematic of a better future.”

The inimitable, unapologetic and genuine Gabriella Karefa-Johnson is a true embodiment of our definition of muse. A strong, warm and honest leader whose vision and voice we admire wholeheartedly.


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Jessica Willis

Introducing #ParisGeorgiaMuse, stylist and Style Director of The Cut at New York Magazine - Jessica Willis

Jessica's work is both emotive and transportive. A reminder that imagery has the power to connect us to different versions of ourselves.

Beyond her immense talent is a strong woman with a deep sense of humility. She instantly makes you feel comfortable in her presence - a testament to dream big and always be kind.

A true Paris Georgia Muse, we are in awe of all she does.


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